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Co2art In-Tank Flux_ CO2 Diffuser V2

by CO2Art
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  • Small for tanks below 65G (250L)
  • Large for tanks above 65G (250L)
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CO2 Flux Aquarium Diffuser - Enhance CO2 Saturation Efficiently

The CO2 Flux Aquarium Diffuser optimizes the amount of CO2 entering your aquarium for efficient plant absorption and minimal CO2 waste. As CO2 bubbles pass through the porous ceramic membrane, they are diffused into streams of tiny bubbles. This increased surface area allows the CO2 to dissolve more readily into the water, enhancing the saturation of carbon dioxide in your underwater ecosystem.

More Details:

Depending on the volume of your aquarium, you can choose from two sizes of the Bazooka In-tank Flux CO2 Diffuser:

  • Small: For tanks below 65G (250L)
  • Large: For tanks above 65G (250L)

The device's brown coloration allows it to blend seamlessly into the aquascape.

Key Features:

  • High Dissolution Rate: Designed to be used like a regular in-tank diffuser but provides a higher dissolution rate.
  • Solid Positioning: Equipped with two high-quality suction cups for secure attachment to aquarium glass.
  • Durable and Natural Look: Made from durable materials, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced aquascapers.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Connect the CO2 regulator to the atomizer using a CO2 resistant tube.
  2. Tighten the safety nut by hand.
  3. Set the regulator’s pressure to a minimum of 30psi (2bar) as a starting point.
  4. Allow a few minutes for sufficient pressure to build up for CO2 to start passing through the membrane.

Operating Requirements:

  • Requires at least 40psi (3bar) working pressure for optimal performance.

The Bazooka Flux CO2 Diffuser is a perfect choice for those looking to enhance their aquarium's CO2 saturation efficiently and effectively. Order now to improve your aquascape setup!

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