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Co2art NEW IO Diffuser - Stainless Steel Series - In-Tank CO2 Diffuser

by CO2Art
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Available Sizes:

  • Small: For tanks below 40G (150L)
  • Large: For tanks above 40G (150L)
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IO Stainless Steel Series CO2 Diffuser - Efficient CO2 Injection for Aquarium Plants

Introducing the New Generation of In-Tank Diffusers, designed to provide the highest dissolution rates and the best aesthetic appeal!

The IO Stainless Steel Series CO2 Diffuser offers a stylish and efficient approach to in-tank carbon dioxide injection with its innovative Nano CO2 Mist Technology ceramic membrane. As CO2 passes through the porous surface, it dissolves into streams of tiny bubbles, ensuring efficient absorption for your plants.

Key Features:

  • High Dissolution Rates: Optimizes CO2 injection for efficient absorption, resulting in less CO2 waste.
  • Nano CO2 Mist Technology: Provides stable CO2 injection, promoting healthy plant growth and intensified coloration.
  • Durable Design: The stainless-steel body protects the diffuser from cracks and damage.
  • Elegant Look: Blends seamlessly into the aquarium arrangement due to its small size and sleek design.
  • Replaceable Ceramic Membrane: Easy to reinstall, ensuring long-term use.
  • Stable Positioning: Includes two high-quality suction cups for secure attachment to the aquarium glass.

Available Sizes:

  • Small: For tanks below 40G (150L)
  • Large: For tanks above 40G (150L)

Details and Use:

  1. Connection: Simply connect your CO2-resistant tubing to the diffuser.
  2. Pressure Setting: Set the CO2 regulator to a minimum of 2 bar as a starting point.
  3. Soaking: Allow the diffuser to soak in aquarium water for at least 2 hours before pressurizing.
  4. Initial Use: During the first 24 hours, the diffuser may release large bubbles around the ceramic ring. Over time, the ceramic pores will fill with water, reducing bubble size to the optimal level.
  5. Pressure Build-Up: Allow a few minutes for sufficient pressure to build up for CO2 to start passing through the membrane.

Maintenance and Caution:

  • Cleaning: Do not use chemicals or abrasives on the diffuser to avoid damaging the finish.
  • Membrane Replacement: To replace the membrane or clean the diffuser, gently rotate the head counterclockwise until the membrane is exposed and can be removed.

Enhance your aquarium setup with the IO Stainless Steel Series CO2 Diffuser, ensuring your plants receive the most efficient CO2 absorption for vibrant and healthy growth. Order now to experience the best in CO2 diffusion technology!

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