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UV light for Aquariums I UV Sterilizer - 40 Watt I Lifegard Aquatics

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40 Watt Ultraviolet Sterilizer Modules - QL Series

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Lifegard QL Series 40 Watt UV Sterilizer Module

Key Features:

  • Single 40 Watt UV Bulb: This unit features one powerful 40-watt ultraviolet bulb for effective sterilization.
  • Optimized Water Flow: Ensures water is evenly distributed through the chamber, maximizing UV exposure.
  • Easy Installation: 2" x 2" Slip x Slip Inlet and Outlet for straightforward integration into your system.

Superior UV Sterilization: The Lifegard Ultraviolet Sterilizer uses UV light at 2537 angstroms to effectively eliminate micro-organisms. This specific wavelength disrupts the genetic material within pathogen cells, interrupting their respiration and causing cell death. When properly applied, UV sterilization is a highly effective method for controlling disease in aquariums.

Optimal Performance Factors:

  1. Organism Size: Smaller organisms are more susceptible to UV radiation.
  2. Radiation Level: Higher UV levels increase sterilization effectiveness.
  3. UV Penetration: Clear water ensures deeper UV penetration.
  4. Contact Time: Longer exposure results in higher kill rates.

Advanced UV Technology:

  • Pure Hard Quartz Bulbs: Enhance UV output significantly compared to conventional bulbs, offering greater durability and resistance to solarization.
  • Innovative Quartz Sleeve: Protects the bulb from water contact, preventing thermal shock and contamination, while maintaining an optimal operating temperature of 100°F (38°C), boosting UV output by 35%.
  • Simple Bulb Replacement: Easily replace bulbs without shutting down your system. The 4-pin connector ensures a quick and easy swap.

Scalable and Effective:

  • Customizable Wattage: Available in sizes from 15 watts up to 240 watts, with tandem mounting options to meet any requirement.
  • Flow Rate Adjustment: Increase UV effectiveness by slowing the water flow or increasing system wattage.

Application Note: UV sterilization works best as the final stage in the Lifegard filtration system. While it significantly reduces the micro-organism population, maintaining an optimal flow rate and adequate wattage is crucial for comprehensive disease control.

Invest in the QL Series 40 Watt Ultraviolet Sterilizer Module to ensure a healthy, pathogen-free aquarium environment.

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