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Aquarium Hardscape I Seiryu Aquascaping Stones (Small) I Lifegard Aquatics

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Seiryu Aquascaping (Smokey Mountain) Stones:

  • 44 Lbs. Case of Small Size 3" to 5" Stones
  • Each Stone is Pre-washed and individually shrink wrapped for Aquarium Hardscaping or outdoor Gardens Deco. 


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Transform Your Aquarium with Seiryu Aquascaping Stones - 44 Lbs. Small Size (Smokey Mountain)

Transform your aquarium or garden with the exquisite Seiryu Aquascaping (Smokey Mountain) Stones. These small-sized stones, ranging from 3" to 5", come in a convenient 44 Lbs. case. Each stone is meticulously pre-washed and shrink-wrapped, making them ready for immediate use in your hardscaping projects. The natural beauty of Seiryu stones brings an authentic and visually stunning element to any setting, whether underwater in your aquarium or as part of your outdoor garden décor.

Enhance the beauty of your aquarium landscape with the unique Seiryu Aquascaping Stones, also known as Smokey Mountain stones. These stones are crafted to resemble miniature rock formations, adding a dramatic and realistic touch to your aquascaping setup. Made from safe, all-natural materials, these stones come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, allowing you to customize your reef structure to perfection.

Product Details:

  • Stone Size: Small (3" to 5")
  • Weight: 44 Lbs. per case
  • Each Stone: Pre-washed and individually shrink-wrapped for convenience


  • Natural Beauty: Enhance your aquarium or garden with the realistic and unique appearance of Seiryu stones.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for aquarium hardscaping, outdoor gardens, or decorative purposes.
  • Safe and Natural: Made from all-natural materials, ensuring the safety of your aquatic life.

Available Sizes:

  • Small: 3" to 5"
  • Medium: 5" to 8"
  • Large: 8" to 13"

Other Size Options:

  • R480000: Seiryu Stone Small (3" to 5") - 44 Lbs. Box
  • R480001: Seiryu Stone Medium (5" to 8") - 44 Lbs. Box
  • R480002: Seiryu Stone Large (8" to 13") - 44 Lbs. Box


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