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The Essential things needed for Aquascaping

The Essential things needed for Aquascaping

To become a professional aquascaper, mastering several key elements is essential. These include all thing below at some capacity. Featured Image by Dr. Hootan Maftoonian.

Aquarium Filter: The purpose of water filters is to remove excess food, fish waste, dangerous chemicals and decaying organic matter within the planted tank.


Aquarium Lighting: The lighting is considered to be the functioning heart of an aquarium. Shop

Carbon dioxide System:  No plant grows without carbon dioxide, period. Shop

Liquid Fertilizer: Think of fertilizers as of vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy and strong.

Hardscape materials ( Driftwood and Rocks)Hardscape materials are the essential elements which ensure the design and layout part of the entire aquascaping process. SHOP

Substrate and AquasoilsDepending on the plants you want to grow (small foreground, tall background etc.) the right substrate and aquasoil will ensure their proper size, development and color. Shop


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